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Switch Automation is one of the key Proptech companies for "better buildings" and "greener & smarter" cities.  They are a smart building platform that integrates building data, systems and equipment to give you deeper insights into site and portfolio performance. Each of their three solutions help customers reduce energy and operating expenses, while delivering an exceptional occupant experience. 

Portfolio Intelligence  saves time on manual data wrangling and provides deep visibility into building operations to identify hidden inefficiencies.  Performance Optimization  pairs extensive integration capabilities with industry-leading analytics, machine learning and fault detection to drive ROI.   Enterprise IoT  is a tailored smart building 
program flexible to fit to unique business needs and transform the way people experience buildings. 























Switch has offices in Sydney, San Francisco, Denver, Manila and Lviv, where their team of experts monitors 9,000+ buildings and 100 million square feet on the Platform, detecting more than 180,000 faults monthly. They work with enterprise customers from the Commercial Real Estate, Financial, Grocery, Retail and Corporate verticals, as well as global channel partners to identify operational inefficiencies, analyze key performance indicators, and draw the road map to directly improve your bottom line.  

By utilizing these real estate-focused technologies in a city, we are one step closer to Re-Imagining a City as a Smart City.

















Click the image above of Deb Noller, CEO to Switch Automation to read an article by Forbes Magazine on "4 Tips for Scaling to a Global Enterprise”.

To learn more, please do not hesitate to contact us.  
See what Re-Imagining Cities in collaboration with Switch Automation can do for your building or city today!

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