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  • working together with real estate sector & cities
  • for landmark carbon neutral urban developments
  • Existing building portfolios with "Digital Twins Lite"
  • New construction of "healthy, resilient & carbon neutral communities"
  • "Smarter and greener" without over-spending is key to success!

March 2021

Carbon Neutral by 2050: ...Myth or Reality?
by Re-Imagining Cities

Written by Chungha Cha, Co-Founder & CTO (Chief Technology Officer) of Re-Imagining Cities LLC on the Who? Why? What? How? the real estate sector can make a difference to decarbonize the built environment in order to reach the global goal of becoming Carbon Neutral by 2050.

View the full PDF here
or you can also access it on our Resources page.


December 2020

2020 Global Status Report for Buildings and Construction

This is the 5th edition of this annual report of the progress of the buildings and construction sector globally towards the achievement of the goals of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, particularly on the drivers of CO2 emissions and energy demand globally and the status of policies, finance, technologies, and solutions that support a zero-emission, efficient, and resilient buildings and construction sector. 

Read more of the 2020 Global Status Report on the UN Environment Programme: Global Alliance for Buildings & Construction website


view the document in full here!


November 2019

[Interview] Smart city expert unimpressed with Songdo

Interesting spin on our conversation with an eyebrow raising title. Some of the vocabulary used throughout the article makes Cha out to be hot headed about there not being enough radical change or improvement in Korea's goals for carbon neutrality. Our world is at stake, this is the time to do more with less!  Be sustainable socially, economically, and economically! 


Read the interview written by The Korea Times here.


for a sustainable future

​Re-Imagining Cities Foundation is a non-profit research firm based in Seoul, Korea founded in 2008. Our primary focus is on global trends in smart, resilient cities, innovation districts, digital twins and sustainability. We are now going beyond research to work with cities, real estate developers, investors and large portfolio owners to help decarbonize the built environment.

  • Existing Porfolios. Linking energy optimization solutions to financial KPIs. To help facilitate portfolio-wide strategies for real time monitoring in order to drive down energy consumption and GHG emissions. And, at the same time, increase annual operating income and portfolio valuations.

  • New Construction. Helping develop bankable solutions for landmark decarbonized urban developments. Greener and smarter developments without over spending so that target investment returns can be achieved.


Would love to hear from you.

We are always on the lookout for collaboration partners to reimagine real estate and smart cities together!

Best way is to send us an email at:  CHA@RE-CITIES.ORG

ADDRESS: Working from home .... here in Seoul, Korea

Hope you are staying safe and hope things get better for you in 2021.

May God bless!!

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