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September 2020

Save the Date!

September 8/17/22, 2020

CarbonPositive RESET!

Save the new North + South America date for CarbonPositive RESET!, a free, live, online 1.5°C Global Teach-In.


1.5°C Global Teach-In 

September 8, 2020

September 17, 2020: Europe, Middle East & Africa

September 22, 2020: Asia, Asia Pacific & Oceania

We are in a race to find solutions for the COVID-19 pandemic, the climate crisis, and sustainable development and energy for all. This crucial moment provides us an extraordinary opportunity to assess and RESET our priorities and actions for the built environment.

Learn more here.

Pre-register here!

November 2019

"Hyperconnected Cities" publication released by ESI Thoughtlab

Re!magining Cities is very honored to be one of the research partners for this "Hyperconnected Cities"publication released at Barcelona in November 2019 by ESI ThoughtLab... "benchmarking data from 100 cities, conducted in-depth interviews with city leaders, and drew on valuable input from a cross industry coalition of leading firms and research organizations. 

To see the publication view the PDF here and also access it on our Resources page.

June 2020

The Future of Work: Response | Recovery | Resilience

Companies around the world have found themselves in a new situation where unpredictable circumstances determine how we live and work.


Many businesses struggle with adapting, although there are some who have been able to settle and move on. What determines a successful adaptation and what is the role of the physical environment in this process?

With a brand-new digital event series, EDGE focused on factors shaping our workplace together with partners in the industry. 


We defined 3 phases "Response – Recovery – Resilience" – according to Dr. Joseph Allen, author of Healthy Buildings and assistant professor at th Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. ​ 

Read more on our Smart Cities page!

November 21-22, 2019

The WeGO – ASEAN Smart Cities Network (ASCN) Mayoral Conference 

The conference will include keynotes by Korean ministries in charge of smart city development and diplomacy to ASEAN, along with heads of international organizations actively working to support ASCN. 


The Mayoral Conference is an invitation-only event.
If you have not received an invitation but wish to attend, please contact us directly here.

December 2019

New 2019 Global Status Report for Buildings and Construction just released!!!

The report underlines that dramatic improvements in the way the world's buildings are built, designed and operated are urgently needed...

Read more of the 2019 Global Status Report on our Proptech & Smart Buildings page!

November 14, 2019

[Interview] Smart city expert unimpressed with Songdo

Interesting spin on our conversation with an eyebrow raising title. Some of the vocabulary used throughout the article makes Cha out to be hot headed about there not being enough radical change or improvement in Korea's goals for carbon neutrality. Our world is at stake, this is the time to do more with less!  Be sustainable socially, economically, and economically! 


Read the interview written by The Korea Times here.


for a sustainable future

​Re-Imagining Cities Foundation is a non profit organization based in Seoul, Korea. Our primary objectives are to accelerate the build out of "smart & greener" cities and districts around the world in alignment with the smart city objectives of our cities.

The trend for cities to become “smarter” is already established as evidenced by hundreds of initiatives around the world.  However, with scarce allocation of human and capital resources, how can cities compete to attract global talent, drive economic development and improve the quality of life for its citizens in a sustainable way?  

Our mission focus is to find attractive sites in major cities around the world, working closely together with local developers and global experts, to showcase "smart, sustainable future city districts" at attractive investment returns.  By linking attractive investment returns, we can motivate the private sector (namely, real estate developers and investors) into smart cities investments ... to reimagine our cities in our age of rapid urbanization for the mutual benefits of the people, planet and profit.


Would love to hear from you.

We are always on the lookout for collaboration partners to reimagine real estate and smart cities together!

Best way is to send us an email at:  CHA@RE-CITIES.ORG

ADDRESS: Working from home .... here in Seoul, Korea

Hope you are staying safe and hope things get better for you in 2021.

May God bless!!


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