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Re-imagining Cities Foundation is a pro-active non-profit organization co-founded by Chungha Cha and Charles Chang back in 2007. We are based in Seoul, Korea but we operate globally.  Our Foundation holds that real estate developers play an important role in the irreversible trend of cities transitioning towards more sustainable development. In support of our view, we engage with developers to support “smarter cities” through their implementation of competitive differentiators needed to attract global tenants and improve asset values of their real estate portfolios.  


Our collaboration partners and thought leaders include Architecture 2030, Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB), WeGO Smart Sustainable Cities Organization, Andalucia Smart Cities Cluster, World Green Building Council, among others.  

Recently, we became the global smart cities advisor to the LG Electronics Group to help collaborate with cities and real estate developers around the world with "greener & smarter" solutions into real estate developments.

Through our Foundation, which has built an extensive relationship with government officials of several cities, technology leaders, sustainability engineers, developers and investors, we are able to facilitate the generation of ideas for smart city development through our:


  • Value proposition for Cities and Citizens.
    Cities face enormous challenges of rapid urbanization and extreme competition to spur local economic development and develop livable cities.  We look to "public-private" partnerships as an attractive approach that can mitigate the risks for the private sector (real estate developers and technology companies) so that they can attract global talent and investors into the development of future "smart, sustainable districts".

  • Value proposition for Real Estate Developers
    To align real estate developments with global trends toward smart, sustainable cities, we can help build in "competitive differentiators" with smart holistic design and technology. "Future proofing" developments is vital and by working closely together with our global network of sustainable experts across the "design-build-operate" spectrum we can avoid over-investments, enhance profitability and develop successful business models for smarter cities.  

  • Value proposition to Technology Companies,
    large and small.  One of our focus is on the cloud based Big Data platform to provide benefits to cities, developers and citizens.  We are in discussions with large global tech companies like Microsoft, Siemens, Schneider Electric, IBM, LG Electronics but also many startups and universities to package cost effective technologies to drive both smart, sustainable cities and enhance profitability to the investors.

We define sustainability as the "triple bottom line" or the 3 P's:

  • People - Social Sustainability

  • Planet - Environmental Sustainability

  • Profit or Prosperity  - Economic Sustainability

It is only when all three P's are addressed .... it will then be possible to have cities that are truly smart, sustainable and resilient cities for a better quality of life for its citizens.  

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