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Sidewalk Labs Digital Innovation & Development Plan

​The Digital Innovation Appendix (DIA) provides updates to the Master Innovation and Development Plan (MIDP) which reflects the Threshold Issues resolution process. The DIA also provides further detailed information on the digital innovation proposals included in the MIDP, and provides an overview of Sidewalk Labs' approaches to responsible data use and inclusive design...

Toronto’s smart city project shows public trust in Big Tech is in trouble

December 09, 2019

Public trust in Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple (GAFA) has never been lower and evidence suggests a wave of regulation will soon be unleashed against tech companies.


Data privacy is not disappearing as a dominant urban concern in the global environment, not for Silicon Valley, not for would-be smart cities around the world and certainly not for government regulators.


GlobalData’s recent Data Privacy report – by its Thematic Research team – warns that Big Tech’s golden age of light-touch regulation, strong political alliances and near immunity from prosecution is coming to an end.

Green Buildings are an Integral part of Smart, Sustainable Cities!

Green Buildings—A Finance and Policy Blueprint for Emerging Markets shows how financiers, governments, developers and building owners can take the lead in shaping and accelerating this multitrillion-dollar business opportunity.

From almost 15 years of investing in green buildings, IFC (International Finance Corporation) has learned that green buildings should be: 

  • Certified as green under one of the internationally recognized certification standards or an approved national standard.

  • At least 20 percent more energy efficient than a baseline building without energy-efficient design.16

  • Able to quantitatively report impact metrics, such as energy and water savings, and greenhouse-gas emissions reductions.


When IFC provides credit lines to its client banks and other financial intermediaries for on-lending for green building projects, it requires eligible projects to be certified at least 20 percent energy efficient than the benchmark.17

The Future of Smart Cities with 3D Technologies

By Shoji Nozaki, Technical Director, 3DS Business Transformation Japan, Dassault Systemes K.K.

Agenda includes:

Dassault Systemes Overview
Smart City (Virtual Singapore)
Smart Mobility (AKKA Technology + Rennes City)

What is a Smart City?

What is a Smart City? according to CNBC many governments around the globe are racing to infuse technology with just about every aspect of its city's operations. Mentions of Virtual Singapore, Smart Dubai, and Smart Barcelona.

On Watch: Songdo City

The 1,500 acre Songdo International Business District (IBD) includes 45 million square feet of office space, 30 million square feet of residential space, 10 million square feet of retail, 5 million square feet of hotel facilities and 10 million square feet of public realm. Additional facilities include a K-12 International School, world-class hospital, museum and university campuses.


  • Here is a video where in the pilot episode of a show called "Smart Cities", the host travels to Songdo, which they deem a "first - generation smart city", to find out more.

  • Below are two PDF files of the planning of Songdo City. Some great ideas but not all were implemented in the final design. 


ESI Thoughtlab: Building a Hyperconnected City Press Release

November 20, 2019

ESI ThoughtLab announced the key findings from its Building a Hyperconnected City program, a year-long global study of 100 cities using technology to improve, connect, and secure all areas of their ecosystem. The study shows how cities can go beyond current smart solutions to become "hyperconnected" hubs generating large economic, social, and environmental benefits by linking key elements of their urban landscape - from transportation to public health and security, from government to business and residents. 

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