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On Watch: Songdo City

The 1,500 acre Songdo International Business District (IBD) includes 45 million square feet of office space, 30 million square feet of residential space, 10 million square feet of retail, 5 million square feet of hotel facilities and 10 million square feet of public realm. Additional facilities include a K-12 International School, world-class hospital, museum and university campuses.


  • Here is a video where in the pilot episode of a show called "Smart Cities", the host travels to Songdo, which they deem a "first - generation smart city", to find out more.

  • Below are two PDF files of the planning of Songdo City. Some great ideas but not all were implemented in the final design. 


ESI Thoughtlab: Building a Hyperconnected City Press Release

November 20, 2019

ESI ThoughtLab announced the key findings from its Building a Hyperconnected City program, a year-long global study of 100 cities using technology to improve, connect, and secure all areas of their ecosystem. The study shows how cities can go beyond current smart solutions to become "hyperconnected" hubs generating large economic, social, and environmental benefits by linking key elements of their urban landscape - from transportation to public health and security, from government to business and residents. 

Smart City Thailand

November 13, 2019

The leaders of Thailand's DEPA (Digital Economy Promotion Agency) gather together in this video to talk about how going "smart" has benefitted their city making it a better place to live, more livable, safer, and more efficient. Data is everywhere to analyze with AI face detection, car sharing systems, smart vehicle location tracking that helps monitor traffic, and more. The idea is to find what the real problem of the city is and to try and find the right solution using the data gathered.


Intel PTK1: The Smartest Building in the World

PTK1, an 11-story building built in Peta Tikvah, Israel, can accumulate information, process it, and use Artificial Intelligence to make decisions with 14,000 sensors used to monitor the lighting, temperature, occupancy, ventilation, conference rooms availability, and parking.

To read more specifics on this building, please read the PDF document provided in the link below.

Sidewalk Labs, Waterfront Toronto resolve differences to advance development plan

November 01, 2019

By Chris Teale

Data management has been one of the most controversial issues surrounding this project, with Sidewalk Labs having previously proposed a "data trust" run by a third party. The review said the proposal still lacked "greater specificity" on how it would function, or how it would handle a potential data breach. That "data trust" proposal was nixed and control over personal data taken by Waterfront Toronto, something that those close to the project said is a good thing.

Siemens Showcases Test Bed for Digital Twins & Smart City Infrastructure

October 31, 2019

The United Nations estimates that by 2050, the world’s population will rise nearly 30% to 10 billion. Global energy usage will be 50% higher, led by growth in Asia, according to data collected by the EIA. Ninety percent of this growth will take place in high populated urban areas and cities. Together these factors will put pressure on cities to become more sustainable, secure and mobile.

...Digital twins, in particular, are going to play a significant role in the operation of smart cities in the future. The twins are getting recognition as a valuable part of a building’s tech stack. This offers a comprehensive picture of the environment in real-time.

Stefano Boeri unveils Smart Forest City covered in 7.5 million plants for Mexico

October 25, 2019

By Eleanor Gibson

Italian architect Stefano Boeri has unveiled plans to create a forested smart city in Cancun, Mexico, that is designed to be a "pioneer" of more eco-efficient developments.

Smart Forest City Cancun is intended to be built on a 557 hectare site near the Mexican city. According to the architect it will contain 7.5 million plants, including numerous species of trees, shrubs and bushes chosen by botanist and landscape architect Laura Gatti.

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