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In East Asian first, South Korea announces ambitions to reach net zero by 2050

March 17, 2020

By Tim Ha

South Korea’s ruling political party on Monday announced its ambition for the nation to adopt a Green New Deal and deliver net zero carbon emissions by 2050. If the plan goes through, the country—the world’s seventh-largest emitter—will be the first in East Asia to set a timeframe to end its contribution to climate change.

In its manifesto for the upcoming legislative elections, the liberal Democratic Party of Korea outlined policies geared towards shrinking the country’s vast climate impacts. They include a carbon tax, a phase-out of domestic and overseas coal project financing, and large-scale investment in renewable energy.

Subscribe to AB Consulting's NZE Newsletter for News on Net Zero Energy projects!

January 01, 2020

Advisor to Re-Imagining Foundation, Albert Bicol has created a Net-Zero Energy (NZE) Newsletter intended to share NZE projects around the world to show that these projects are achievable to assist in reducing the 2-degree temperature rise in our plant and the fight against climate change.  To date they have been part of 54 NZE projects around the world.  


They also provide valuable tips and examples on how to reduce energy demand to achieve a NZE Building or development. 

If you wish to subscribe to this newsletter, please click the link below and click "subscribe" at the top left page of the newsletter.

These were the top smart home trends at CES

January 08, 2019

By Peter Newman

The 2019 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is underway in Las Vegas, and tech companies of all stripes are unveiling their latest smart home devices.

The show offers these companies a platform to lay out their vision for the future of the connected home ecosystem and to broadcast how they're planning to evolve their devices to anticipate and meet customer demand.

Zego To Transition Over 30,000 Apartments Into Smart Apartments With S2 Capital

November 05, 2018

By Alexander Maxham

Zego has announced that it is teaming up with S2 Capital and Amazon to modernize about 30,000 apartments in Texas, that will now be smart apartments. Zego is going to be extending its smart apartment platform to over 30,000 apartment units owned by S2 Capital, over the next three years. It'll be using Zego's solution that integrates smart home devices into a single app, making it much easier to control your smart home without having to add more apps to your smartphone and using them to control everything. The app is also going to allow tenants to connect with property staff, and there is also a marketplace of products and local services included. 

Buildings and construction sector – Huge untapped potential for emission reductions

December 07, 2018

Press Release by UN Environment

Dramatic action will be needed by governments, cities and business if the global buildings and construction sector is to cut its carbon footprint in line with international agreements, according to a new report released today by the Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction.

There is good news. The 2018 Global Status Report - Towards a Zero-Emission, Efficient and Resilient Buildings and Construction Sector, (the PDF of which can be found in our "Downloadable PDFs" page) highlights that emissions from buildings and construction may have peaked in the past few years, with energy efficiency gains in areas such as heating, lighting and cooking and with more offices and homes being powered by cleaner forms of energy. The study was written by the International Energy Agency and UN Environment.

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