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WeGO was established in 2010 as the World e-Governments Organization of Cities and Local Governments by 50 founding member cities with the goal of pursuing sustainable city development based on e-Government. WeGO worked towards improving administrative efficiency and transparency, advancing online public services for citizens, increasing civil involvement, and bridging the digital divide. 


During the 4th WeGO General Assembly in the Ulyanovsk Region in 2017, the WeGO General Assembly approved the change of WeGO's name to the World Smart Sustainable Cities Organization seeing that much of the world has moved past e-Government and into Smart Government inside the framework of Smart Sustainable Cities. With the name change, WeGO also updated its Mission, Vision, and 3-Year Strategic Plan to adapt to fast-changing digital technologies and to help WeGO members address the sustainability challenges that cities are expected to face. 


WeGO Smart Sustainable Cities Organization is an international organization of cities and local governments that pursues sustainable urban development based on e-Government and ICT.



​WeGO is an inclusive global platform for cities, companies, and experts to gather and share knowledge and ideas. It is a place for city-to-city cooperation, a place for cities and companies to meet and work on joint projects, and a rich source of knowledge and experience on smart sustainable cities for citizens around the world.

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